domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2016

Figure 8 Pool can be a nightmare instead of a breathtaking view

Today I´m glad to be still alive by the mercy of God. With a couple of friends, our goal is to find the Figure 8 Pool in the Royal National Park, the new spot that has dramatic increase the visitation in the last month after social media @figure8pools. What we were looking is something like this but what we´ve found was a huge wave that we couldn´t run away from it winched us from the rocks. Four people was rescued by helicopter (today in the News) and the major hurts themselves with cuts and lacerations.

What I felt more surprised is the number of Lifesavers whom were there after that accident, offering help to everybody even if it was a small cut. They were also showing us where the ambulance would be, a really impressive service for the Australian society that embarrassed me for sure.  

My objective with this post is to warn and alert people about the other side of Figure 8 Pool for everyone to make their own decision about what they want to see on their own risk.

To start with who is writing this post.